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You Are In Control of Your Own Happiness!

Research states that we all have more control over our own happiness. Finding time for simple pleasures raises one’s happiness quotient. It’s important to bond with friends or spend time with family which gives everyone involved an energy boost and lessens the chances of feeling lonely or depressed. Connecting with others is so essential for our health. I hope you find the time to seek out what truly makes you happy.

Earlier today, I had a memory of when I used to spend quality time with my Dad. On the weekends, mostly on Saturday mornings, we had this special routine to frequent the local Huck Finn and sit and talk while I ordered my plain donut and hot chocolate with whipped cream. Those were the good ‘ol days that brought a smile to my face. Today, I went to a breakfast place that had the same vibe as my childhood memory. I found myself ordering a hot chocolate with whipped cream along with my niece. The joy that it brought her sitting there with her Dad, my brother, made me so happy! I’m sure she will treasure this memory just like I have.

We also visited the Johnson’s City Exotic Zoo and created some more happy memories that we will all cherish! We drove through the zoo with our car and got to feed the deer, bison, zebra, alpacas and the Highland cows, all while trying to steer clear of the ostrich and rams as they can get a bit fiesty. Regardless of their temperament, they are all adorable and we could not help but feel happy and grateful driving through their habitat.

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