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Don’t you Want a Functioning Brain?

Did you know that diet actually contributes to the way our brain functions? We have more control than we think by eating healthier. Most of us know this deep down inside, but, why is eating healthy so hard for the majority of the American population to maintain? The word diet seems to have a negative connotation, so, perhaps it makes more sense to think of it as a lifestyle. Research suggests that unhealthy foods play a role in the decline of healthy brain function. Let that sink in a bit. Knowing this means that foods made up of processed carbs, such as fast foods, contributes to the decline of our brains capacity to function properly.

Processed foods are partially made up of highly refined sugars which in turn, when eaten, lead to a vicious cycle, wanting more foods like this. The sugar content in these foods are highly addictive. We may find ourselves eating a ton of chips and feeling completely satisfied in the moment, however, our brains are not receiving any nutrients our bodies can actually utilize to improve our health. Now…eating blueberries or walnuts are a much better option to improve our brain health. So the next time you go shopping, it’s best to shop the perimeter of the store, since the majority of processed foods are found within those isles. Well actually, stay away from the isle end caps too, a trick grocery stores use to capture your attention and hope you pile that grocery cart full with more unhealthy options. If it’s in a box, it’s not healthy. Just take a look at the shelf life of these items, that should tell you something right there. Nothing healthy should ever last that long.

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