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Talking on the Phone

Health & Nutrition Coaching Process

Phone Call

Step 1

We offer a complimentary 20 minute Discovery Consultation.

Are we the right fit for you?

Are you the right fit for us? We answer any of your questions regarding our coaching process.

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Step 2

Health & Lifestyle

History Form

A Health & Lifestyle History Form is emailed to the client. The client completes the form and returns it to the coach. Full payment is required for one of our plans before this form is emailed out to you.

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Step 3



A Timeline Session includes gathering data from the Health & Lifestyle

History Form. Our coach may also fill in any gaps based on information discussed during this session.

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Step 4

Functional Nutrition


Our coach completes the Functional Nutrition Matrix taken from the timeline and previous sessions. The matrix is explained to our client and at this stage, the client usually begins to connect the dots with their own health journey.

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Step 5

Nutrition Coaching


Our Nutrition Coaching Session addresses concerns the client may have. Nutrition & lifestyle modifications are provided. We also teach our client how their body functions and explain the why behind our recommendations.

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Step 6



A custom Empowerment Kit is provided within 24 hrs of completing the Nutrition Coaching Session. This kit includes the client's Functional Nutrition Matrix, handouts, and a personalized Action Plan. 

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